The Confidence Challenge #1

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A 30 day trust building challenge to create a calmer and more confident horse.


This is a basic introductory class for training with positive reinforcement.

By helping your horse to want to learn with you it becomes easy to create a trust based relationship. Once your horse trusts you and is engaged in working with you they start to face challenges with an eager willingness.

Your horse will seek out obstacles that were once daunting and turn their focus to you for a source of reliable guidance, predictability and companionship.


Monday February 4 to Wednesday March 6
(30 days)


Online via website course and private Facebook group.

Who is it for...

We are only accepting thirty entries for this challenge.

People who need to build their, and their horses, confidence. People who need a starting place in finding a way to work with their horses that is kinder and more fun while still accomplishing goals.

This class is for people who want to experiment with new ways of training and are willing to try something a little different.

We offer a safe and comfortable place to make mistakes without fear of mockery. A place where it is alright to mess up because that brings us one step closer to getting it right. We are a group of fun like-minded people who take joy in our horses company, who are comfortable being silly together and laughing with each other. A place where spontaneity is good because it shows the trust is building.

Challenge Goals

In this challenge you and your horse will learn and develop a new language in order to communicate more effectively and clearly.

Over the next month you will help your horse to overcome fears, build confidence, and look to you for leadership.

We will cover basic ground manners, standing quietly and waiting for you to ask for the next move, facing scary objects and learning to seek them out instead of running. Your horse will learn to trust you to protect them, guide them and help them overcome fear.

Challenge Structure

Week 1

  • Get to know each other in the Facebook Group
  • Horse Behavior 101 (Part 1)
  • Rewards
  • Equipment
  • Record Your Training
  • Safety
  • Group discussion + Q & A
  • Test Your Knowledge

Week 2

  • Treat Manners Training
  • Horse Behavior 101 (Part 2)
  • Group discussion + Q & A
  • Assessment (video)

Week 3

  • Targeting (touch an item)
  • Horse Behavior 101 (Part 3)
  • Approaching and touching 'scary' objects
  • Group discussion + Q & A
  • Assessment (video)

Week 4 

  • Extra week for training, discussion + Q & A
  • What's next?...

Your Hosts


Noche grew up riding horses. She was lucky to have a mother who shared her love of horses and always encouraged training with kindness (and treats!). After graduating Noche moved out west and spent some time working on ranches. She started young horses and learned how to train good cow horses, in the traditional manner but always with a side of treats and strong praise. Sometimes though, the traditional manner failed a horse and Noche took those failures hard.

After leaving the ranch to settle down and raise children, a very difficult horse came along and again challenged her training abilities. She went looking for a new way to help him and found a name for training practices she had been using her whole life. Clicker training opened whole new worlds for her. Now she spends her time teaching her horses tricks, retraining horses who have had bad starts in life and helping them learn to enjoy interacting with people again, and trying to train everything she can get her hands on, goats, dogs, cows, children.


Ineke came into horses when her family made the move from the city to a rural lifestyle. Since her daughter was old enough to talk all she wanted was horses. She didn't want to leave her friends and move to the country so a promise of a horse helped the transition. Ineke was afraid of horses so put off adopting a horse for two years. Finally one day a friend of Ineke's dropped a horse off and told her it was hers and her daughter's. Ineke then began the journey of learning all the ins and outs of caring for horses.

Ineke was drawn into how rewarding it can be to care for a horse. Then she adopted more and created a small herd! Ineke wanted to desperately become closer to these amazing creatures but didn't know how. She wanted to find out how to communicate, be part of who they are and consequently find her place with them.

Ineke's first adventure was with natural horsemanship but it only lasted about 6 months. Every time she went to catch her horse and it ran away she was disheartened and just knew there had to be a better way. A happier option. It was then she discovered reward based training and has never looked back. With the support of positive reinforcement she has created a form of enjoyable effective communication that has become an everyday occurrence.


Jain is the founder of Horse Tricks 101, an online community devoted to developing the bond between humans and horses. She’s worked for one of Australia’s top racehorse trainers, at a large equine hospital and took riders galloping on the wild beaches of Wales.

To learn more about horses she studied Advanced Equine Behavior at the University of Guelph and spent 1,000’s of hours observing horses in herds. Jain discovered the simple truth that horses will do anything she asked, if she asked in a way that they can understand and they enjoy. She now spends her days researching and testing new activities that improve the bond with horses and sharing those activities with other horse lovers through her website and courses.  


You need a Facebook account as we will be sharing a lot of extra training and videos in the special Facebook Group set up just for this Challenge.  You don't want to miss any of this!

You will need a phone or camera suitable for taking simple videos.  There will be an easy assessment at the end of Week 2 and 3 which will include uploading a very short video of your horse in training to the Group.  We will make sure that this is a fun thing to do for you and your horse :) 

Most importantly you must be open to trying new ways of training and enjoy a laugh with friends.


$15 (US dollars) includes access to all the training, videos and membership to a private Facebook Group for the 30 day Challenge.

The Confidence Challenge Waitlist

Thank you for your interest in The Confidence Challenge (scary objects edition).  The Challenge is now FULL.

Due to its popularity we will be running another Confidence Challenge later this year.

We will also be running Challenges on different topics.

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Talk to you then :)

Noche, Ineke & Jain.



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