The Horse Tricks Academy


We only open a few times a year... and spots are limited.



Spots are limited!

We will be opening the doors to the Academy again in November but spots will be limited. Hop on the wait list to get first preference to join :)


The Horse Tricks Academy is a fun and different online training program that will take you and your horse step-by-step from simple tricks to doing wonderful things together! Plus you will join a community of friendly and supportive people (800+ members)


Do you want to start trick training today?

The Horse Tricks Academy only opens a few times a year to new members, BUT you can get started now with our Horse Trick Training Guide.



You get instant access to a private members-only website.

Inside are step-by-step training videos and printable guides designed to help you get started right away.

Then every month we add more tricks and activities.

You will also have access to the very supportive and friendly Horse Tricks Academy Facebook group (800+ members) where you can ask questions and connect with other like-minded people.


  • If you want to teach your horse a wide range of tricks using positive and kind methods.
  • If you are looking for activities that you and your horse can do together that are different to the usual horse training.
  • If you want to improve the bond and communication with your horse. 
  • If you want to find out just how clever your horse really is and do wonderful things together.

Then the Horse Tricks Academy is for you!


Exclusive Facebook Group (800+ members)

The Facebook group provides you with a private discussion area where you can share ideas, problems, suggestions, videos and pictures with like minded people.

There are all sorts of equine owners in the group – people who have mustangs, brumbies, minis, ponies, donkeys, mules, thoroughbreds, standardbreds, quarter horses, arabs, paints, rescues and many more (of all ages and sizes!).

Some members are just beginning to teach their horse tricks while others are trying more advanced tricks. But, everyone provides a lot of encouragement and ideas to the group.

It’s a very friendly, supportive place and we hope you will join the group and introduce yourself (and your horse).


The Happy Horse Club

Members of the Academy get FREE membership to the Happy Horse Club. The Club is the online place to discover new and different activities that will make you and your horse very happy. 

What our current Academy members say...

"Trick training has been a real game changer. It can be adapted in so many ways and really is great fun for you and your horse! Wonderful friendly group, loads of help and support. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!"

Academy Member

"The partnership I’ve developed with my horses has been amazing! Learning my mares’ minds and practicing with the clickers has been SO fun! My horses love to learn and I’ve had an incredible time teaching them. Highly recommend this!"

Academy Member

"I always wanted to learn more about trick training horses. The first trick we mastered was smile. Monti loves it and neighs at me now whenever I go up to the stables. I used to get 1 neigh at the most but now if I’m taking too long he neighs at me eager to get started. We use trick training on walks too, as it gives him more confidence while away from the field. We love trick training. There’s so much to learn. "

Nicola & Monti
Academy Members

"+Reinforcement & this group of wonderful people has been amazing, both horse & human changed forever for the better, what more could you want. Horses are more relaxed, willing & curious & humans feel positive, excited & supported. Sooo happy to be a part of Horse Tricks 101 for the last 2yrs, an absolutely blessing. This guy is smiling all about it :)"

Fiona & Opal
Academy Members


The Horse Tricks Academy isn't the usual standard horse training course for several reasons...

Watch horses learning from the very beginning

Most courses just show experienced trick horses doing the tricks. That’s not much help if you are just starting out!  So we show you our horses learning tricks from the very beginning.  You can see how they learn and follow along with your own horse.

Training is 100% horse friendly

No ropes or whips. Our training uses only positive and kind methods. Your horse will really enjoy this training and spending time with you.

Fun, fun, fun!

We make sure that you and your horse are having lots of fun throughout the course.  We believe that happy horses and humans learn faster and better.

Science based training

Not only is this training lots of fun, but it is also based on scientific principles. Jain has studied Equine Behavior at University level and has applied the current understanding of equine behavior to all the training.

Teach your horse in just a few minutes per day

This training only takes a few minutes a day. Your horse will actually learn faster and enjoy the training more if you teach them in very short sessions. You can fit these sessions in around your day-to-day horse chores and activities.  We show you how.

No special equipment needed

You don't have to buy any fancy new horse gadget to teach your horse the tricks in this course.  You will already have most of the equipment you need. We also show you how to make your own equipment and where to get cheap, fun horse toys.


Join the Wait List

Join the Wait List and receive trick training tips to help get you started.

Your Guides


Jain is the founder of Horse Tricks 101, an online community devoted to developing the bond between humans and horses. She spends her days researching and testing new activities that improve the bond with horses and sharing those activities with other horse lovers through her website and courses.  


Noche grew up riding horses. She was lucky to have a mother who shared her love of horses and always encouraged training with kindness (and treats!). Now she spends her time teaching her horses tricks, retraining horses who have had bad starts in life and helping them learn to enjoy interacting with people again.


Ineke came into horses when her family made the move from the city to a rural lifestyle. She discovered reward based training and has never looked back. With the support of positive reinforcement she has created a form of enjoyable effective communication with her horses that has become an everyday occurrence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely! The best way for your horse to learn is in short, regular training sessions – five minutes per session, a couple of times a day is perfect.

To make the biggest impact, we suggest you mix trick training with the activities you regularly do with your horse. We show you an easy way to do this in the Academy.

No.  Everything is online.  You can access the course and group whenever and wherever you want.  You can watch the videos and participate in the group from home or take the course with you when you visit your horse on your mobile phone or tablet.

When I first began trying to teach my horses tricks, I bought every book and video available. It was a frustrating experience because most of the courses and books just showed experienced trick horses doing the tricks. They didn’t tell me how to teach my horse (a complete trick beginner) to do tricks from the very start.

Inside the Horse Tricks Academy, you’ll have access to videos of horses learning tricks from the very beginning. 

Our members say these videos are very helpful.

You will be able to follow along with your own horse and learn step-by-step how to teach your horse tricks from the start.

Trick training provides a fun way to build a bond and trustful relationship with your horse. It helps your horse to be more confident and curious around new objects and situations.

We have a few members in the Academy currently working with rescue horses that have trust issues. They report their horses are responding in a very positive way to trick training.

You probably already have all of the equipment you need to get started. You don't need any fancy gear.

Later, you can add toys and extra equipment, but most of these are cheap and available from your local toy or produce store (we provide lots of ideas for extra, fun, training equipment in the Horse Tricks Academy).

Yes, absolutely! We would love to help because we have lots of ideas and experience for getting “unstuck.”

We also have an active Facebook group where members share videos, photos, ideas and solutions. 

Chances are, if you are feeling ‘stuck’ with your training, that we’ve been where you are and will have some ideas and suggestions that will help.

Yes.  We have members from all around the world.  Some of the countries include USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Germany and Australia.  We are united by our love of horses :)

Yes.  Depending on whether you have joined monthly or yearly your membership will be automatically renewed each month or year from the date you first joined.

Yes.  All you need to do is log in to your account.  Click on settings and then 'Cancel Subscription'. If you need any help just send us a quick email and we can do it for you.

Join the Horse Tricks Academy Wait List

The Academy only opens to new members a few times a year. 

Join the Wait List

Join the Wait List and receive trick training tips to help get you started.


If you have questions about absolutely anything please contact us.
We are very happy to help!



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